Thank you for your interest in this exciting training opportunity. On behalf of SAMHSA, we welcome you to participate in this learning experience, where you will receive the most up-to-date information about improving substance use treatment and recovery services through trauma-informed approaches that acknowledge the role that chronic stress, long-term adversity, violence, and systemic inequalities contribute to substance use and other persistent behavioral health challenges within communities. You will also learn strategies and best practices for faith, spiritual, and community-based organizations in addressing substance use treatment and recovery challenges in your local community.

We are currently accepting registrations for the following SAMHSA Community-Based Organizations Technical Assistance Regional Meetings.

To continue your registration, please select one of the meetings below.

Meeting Location Meeting Date Registration Registration Deadline
Kansas City, MO April 7, 2016 Closed March 29, 2016
Honolulu, HI May 11, 2016 Closed April 29, 2016
Sacramento, CA May 18, 2016 Closed May 6, 2016
North Tulsa, OK May 19, 2016 Closed May 6, 2016
Milwaukee, WI June 28, 2016 Closed June 20, 2016
Seattle, WA July 11, 2016 Closed July 5, 2016
Jackson, MS July 28, 2016 Closed July 19, 2016
Atlanta, GA August 10, 2016 Closed August 1, 2016
Albuquerque, NM August 17, 2016 Register now August 13, 2016

*Please email rclyburn@afyainc.com if you have any questions or need additional information.